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We would like to start with saying thank you for taking the time to read our mission statement. You all are the life force of the company. Without you none of this is possible and we realize that you are our most valuable commodity.


Our goal is to provide you with the future residence that your friends & family can experience many great memories and events in for many years to come.


For a home to provide all this means it has to be done right and done the way you want it, not the builder. We only employ the best trades / vendors for our homes because that is what we would expect for our own home.


Nothing is worse than making a purchase you regret years down the road. Here at OMNI Homes we assure you that when you go to sleep at night, you will know you made a wise investment in your future. People do not feel empowered when they purchase merchandise that is faulty, defective, and irregular. However, they do feel empowered when they are treated with respect, honesty and peace of mind when they make a wise decision. The home we build for you will reflect just that.

Cory Currie
Cory Currie
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